Heather honey from Fylingdales, Yorkshire

Heather honey from Fylingdales, Yorkshire

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The heather honey from the bees Jeremy took up to Fylingdales in 2017 won a Great Taste award.

We’re hoping that this season’s harvest from the same apiary will be as good! You are welcome to buy now and be added to our waiting list, all I have to do is collect it which isn’t a chore as it’s one of my favourite places to go!

Last year the honey was a toffee, caramel, buttery honey. It was very confectionery-tasting, but still with the honey essence on top.

Our jars of raw honey make perfect treats for the family, or a lovely ‘thank you’ present for someone; and especially if they’re health conscious or hayfever sufferers as a spoonful of honey a day has been shown to make significant improvements to our levels of good gut bacteria!

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