Hive & Keeper supports Good Food for a Better Cause

I was introduced to Nathan Snoddon, sous chef at Bonhams restaurant in Mayfair, London, through FoodChain, a company who are a bit like a dating agency for food producers and chefs; though, having said that, my aim is to have more ‘dates’ than my mother would approve of! So perhaps the analogy doesn’t work after all….

Anyway - Nathan, aka @FoodStoryBoy, organised an evening, with top chefs each taking on one of the 5 courses. The event was to raise money for @RefettorioFelix, a community kitchen drop-in centre in Earls Court, and to increase awareness of mental health issues in the hospitality industry. As Nathan says ‘we worry about food sustainability all the time, but what about our people?’ It’s a good point: tickets sold out in 24 hour hours!

And Hive & Keeper was there, or at least our honey was, as Nathan chose it as one of the ingredients in his honey, jasmine and sheep’s yoghurt pudding. He used a floral honey from the bees that Jeremy Smith keeps in his garden, surrounded by thick blackberry bushes - he said it was beautiful, and he’s right!

Emily AbbottComment