Competition for our 2019 label is open

You've heard of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and how the Major of London commissions new artworks to take turns on top of the plinth - well this is our equivalent: the Hive & Keeper Fourth Panel Competition.  

One side of our square honey jar is our Fourth Panel, a space given over to students of all ages and illustrators at the start of their career to takeover.

The current Fourth Panel illustrator is Yelena Aleksic a second year illustration student at Brighton university. Her illustration is below - I love it!

So what are we looking for in 2019?

2 illustrations:

  • 1 to take over the Fourth Panel of our 224 g square honey jar.

  • 1 to take over the Fourth Panel of our 140 g jar

Your illustration will be printed above this statement: 'Only 7% of honey sold in the UK is British; we're on a mission to change that.'

Black line drawings only as they'll be printed in black on the yellow label. You can enter an illustration for either (or both) jars.  The jars don’t have to have the same illustration on them, or be by the same illustrator.

Please send us your illustrations in pdf format (ideally with transparent backgrounds if you are using an illustrator package).

We'll be very excited to receive them and will proudly show off the entries here on our website and social media so you'll all be a little bit famous!

CLOSING DATE: November 5th 2019

PRIZES: To takeover a Fourth Panel for a year with your name, email or Instagram address printed next to your illustration too.

For a winning student, or someone in their first 2 years of work, there'll also be £100 cash (or the equivalent in honey if you're a honey monster!)

For a winning school child there'll be a jar of honey with their illustration on for each pupil in their class.

Emily AbbottComment