Honey is a great healer

Honey has various properties that help wounds to heal – put raw honey on cuts, grazes, inflammation and sores.  It helps by maintaining a moist environment (which is essential for good healing), but at the same time making it very hard for bacteria to live as it’s powerfully antimicrobial. Honey also helps us to heal by:              

  • Promoting healthy tissue regrowth         
  • It’s anti-inflammatory activity    
  • Reducing scarring
  • Stopping bandages and plasters sticking to the wound as it heals
  • Reducing the smell         

All raw honey is anti-microbial, but manuka honey is  better than others as it has much higher anti-bacterial properties.  As a result it's used by vets and doctors on wounds.  However, honey's anti-bacterial properties work best on the outside only: our digestive systems break them down, so if you're eating manuka honey for its health benefits then a British raw honey is just as good - and cheaper! Both have anti-oxidants, enzymes and complex sugars intact, the part that scientists believe is responsible for good gut health.  

It means that if you want a honey that’s a tonic, not just for wound dressing, then it doesn’t have to be manuka. So you could get much more bang for your buck with these delicious British raw honeys! 

Emily AbbottComment