Honey for hayfever

Honey doesn’t have to be local to help with hayfever

Hayfever season is nearly upon us, with the sneezing already starting for many of us as the early sunshine brings the flowers into bud. Honey that’s straight from the hive can help, and the good news is it doesn’t have to be local: the key is to buy raw honey from the same sort of environment to the one that triggers your hayfever. So, if it's when you're in the countryside surrounded by fields and hedgerows, or sitting out in the garden, or walking through woodlands or meadows, then buy honey from bees that have been kept in these sort of places as it will have been made by bees visiting the flowers that make you sneeze!

We know exactly where the bees that made each of our honeys live and forage ad as w don’t blend our honeys either all the honey in the jar will only have come from bees that live in woodlands, by fields, gardens etc.. Buy honey from specific environments here

We maximise the pollen in the honey too by just running it through a sieve to take out bits of bee and wax - everything else is kept; which means that in one of our 224 g / 8 oz jars they’ll be nearly 2 million pollen grains!  That’s 70 times more than in a jar from a supermarket….

Honey is anti-inflamatory

I get hayfever from grass pollens which bees don’t visit, but despite there being no grass pollen in honey I’ve been a lot better since eating so much raw honey! I put this down to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey helping to ease my symptoms. Annoyingly it's a benefit that can’t be proven scientifically as there are too many variables to take account of in any experiment to test it. However, so many people are buying raw honey from us and finding it's helped them that I'm sure there's something in it! 

We don’t heat our honey either, so all the enzymes etc are still active including the honey’s natural anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties which are good for easing hayfever symptoms too. It’s as good as it gets!

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