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Hive & Keeper brings you British honeys straight from the hive, full of health benefits and natural flavours that reflect their provenance and the bees that made them.

Honey for hayfever

Honey for hayfever

Raw honey has the highest concentration of pollen too:

  • In one of our 224 g jars of raw honey there’ll be between 500,000 and 1,800,000 pollen grains! 
  • In a 224 g jar of honey that's been pressure-filtered like supermarket honey, there'll be less than 25,000.

The bees need pollen to feed their young as it contains amino acids: the building blocks of life that only plants can make from the power of the sun. Bees have 10 amino acids that they need for a balanced diet, oilseed rape and white clover contain all of these amino acids in good quantities in their pollen - others have them in varying levels which is why bees need a diverse diet.

If you or friends and family have hayfever that's triggered by oilseed rape then this honey has oilseed rape pollen in it; it's a lovely creamy, pale honey that people love at tastings.

If it's trees and garden flowers that get your hayfever going then this honey has tree pollen in it and comes from bees that live in an allotment, surrounded by gardens and trees. It's a honey with a  floral flavour and often described as being 'how honey used to be'!

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A tablespoon of honey a day for gut health

A tablespoon of honey a day for gut health