The Honey Lover's Ultimate Gift Set

The Honey Lover's Ultimate Gift Set


A gift set of 9 different honeys, each one is straight from the hive with the honey spun out of the frame and put though a sieve to take out bits of bee - that’s it! Every honey’s flavour is created by nature alone, and speaks of the place they came from and the bees that made it.

The Honey Lover’s Ultimate collection comes with the story of the beekeepers and interesting facts about honey to pique the recipient’s interest, making it a real joy to open this box and discover the honeys, each labelled with where it’s from, the beekeeper and its main flavour type.

This makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc, and especially for honey lovers - this really is a special treat!

In this collection are 9 different honeys from around the country, each is unique and shows you the enormous variety of honey that our bees and beekeepers produce.

Each of the honeys is raw, untreated and unheated, it means it will naturally crystalise so if you prefer runny honey then gently warm it, not higher than 30 degrees (the temperature in the hive) and it will go back to its runny state keeping the enzymes etc intact.

Honey isn’t suitable for children under 12 months

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