Honey & Bees Gift Set

Honey & Bees Gift Set


A gift set of 3 limited edition raw British honeys from small scale beekeepers across the UK.

The Honey & Bees Gift Set comes with facts about bees to pique the recipient’s interest as well as .the story of the beekeepers, making it a real joy to open the box and discover the honeys, each labelled with where it’s from, the beekeeper and its main flavour type.

This makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike, for birthdays, Christmas, to take as thank you gift for your hosts - everyone loves it! Especially if they’re fascinated by bees and keen to learn more!

Our honeys are straight from the hive, just spun out, and put through a sieve - nothing added or taken out. No blending or heating. It means the honeys are all intact and as the bees intended. It takes thousands of miles and millions of visits to flowers to make a jar of honey.

140 g x 3 jars presented in a gift box.

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