Gift Set From British Hedgerows And Fields

Gift Set From British Hedgerows And Fields


Three limited edition British honeys from three beekeepers and the bees they care for tucked away by hedgerows and fields across the UK. Fabulous gift!

Each honey has its own unique flavour as it comes to you straight from the beekeeper and their bees. They're like a snapshot in time, with their characters created by the hedgerows and fields the bees foraged on. Comparing the honeys side by side is amazing as there's no better way of realising how different every honey tastes – it’s only us humans who can make honey taste the same by blending it, bees create something different every day!

We write on each jar where the hedgerows and fields are that the bees live as well as the name of the fabulous beekeeper responsible for their welfare. We also visit all our beekeepers so we’re sure that they’re good custodians of Britain’s natural environment.

We jar the honeys just for you and present them in a gift box with wood wool packaging, the beekeeper's picture and story, as well as interesting facts about honey and bees on the inside lid. It means that not only does our packaging tread gently on the earth, but it's a joy to open!

Less than 10% of honey sold in the UK is British with the number of honey producing beekeepers declining, help us get out of this sticky situation!

140 g x 3 jars presented in a gift box.

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