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The Breakfast Honey Gift Set

Our Breakfast Honey gift set is the perfect honey gift for those who love a special breakfast and is a fantastic way to indulge in high-quality British honey from independent beekeepers around the UK. The Breakfast Honey gift set contains 3 x 140 g (5 oz) honeys:

  • Good on toast
  • Good with porridge
  • Good in tea.

There are no rules though so muddle them up and try them in different ways, whatever you do, it will certainly be a special breakfast!

Our raw British honeys will come by Royal Mail in one of our attractive gift boxes, no plastic – treading lightly on the planet matters. Each honey has where the hives are kept, the name of the beekeeper and the honey’s main natural flavour note written on the label. We also pop in the stories of the beekeepers for you!