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Honey from British Hedgerows and Fields Gift Set

This gift set of UK raw honeys from Hedgerows and Fields is beautifully packaged and you can add your own personal message. Inside are three unique honeys from different hives and small scale UK beekeepers and the bees they keep by the edge of fields and hedgerows across the UK. The jars’ colourful lids and the stories of the beekeepers make it a lovely gift to open.

Our British Honey Hedgerows and Fields gift set comes in an attractive gift boxes nestled in local hay, no plastic – treading lightly on the planet matters. Each honey has where the hives are kept, the name of the beekeeper and the honey’s main natural flavour note written on the label. We also pop in the stories of the beekeepers for you!

It’s a honey gift that’s a delight to open and makes a perfect and unusual gift for friends, nature lovers, him (or her) in your life, and those who will enjoy discovering how raw UK honeys can be so different from one another!

3 x 140 g jars of honey.