Duo of honeys from gardens & allotments

Duo of honeys from gardens & allotments


Two limited edition British honeys from three beekeepers and the bees they care for tucked away in gardens and allotments across the UK. Fabulous gift!

Comparing the honeys side by side is amazing as there's no better way of realising how different every honey tastes. We write on each jar where the hedgerows and fields are that the bees live as well as the name of the fabulous beekeeper responsible for their welfare.

The honeys are presented in a gift box with wood wool packaging, the beekeepers’ picture and story, as well as interesting facts about honey and bees on the inside lid. It means that not only does our packaging tread gently on the earth, but it's a joy to open!

2 x 224 g jars of raw British honey. Please note, honey is not suitable for children under 1 year old.

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