Honeys from fields and hedgerows

Honeys from fields and hedgerows

from 17.95

A gift set of limited edition raw British honeys that come straight from bees that live and forage in Britain’s fields and hedgerows. We work with our community of beekeepers to bring their honeys to market so that more of us can eat locally, sustainably and healthily. We know the fields and hedgerows that have made every one of these honeys. They’re unique and impossible to replicate as each is a snapshot in time: capturing the flowers, weather and landscape it’s from.

The Fields and Hedgerows Gift Set comes with the story of each beekeeper and fun facts too, so the box really is a joy to open and discover the honeys with each one labelled with exactly where it’s from, the beekeeper, and its main natural flavour type.

We do nothing to it, it’s as the bees made it which means it can look less perfect than supermarket honey. Think of it as being like a knobbly carrot: perfectly imperfect where taste rather than appearance has been allowed to dominate!

The gift set comes in two options: 3 x 140 g honeys or 2 x 224 g honeys. All will be different and fun to discover and taste.

Please note honey is not suitable for children under 1 year old.

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