British bees

To make their honey the bees have had to collect nectar from millions of trips to plants within a 3 mile radius of their hive.  It’s incredible to think that 


Surviving winter

The colony's aim throughout the season is to store enough honey to keep it going through Winter.  It means they need to have about 40 lbs of honey stored,

Drones, the male bees

The boys in the hive are called drones and, without sounding too smug about it, they don't do very much: the bees that clean and guard the hive, that feed the larvae, build the colony

How the Queen gets mated

I love this, it's amazing...  The virgin Queen emerges from her cell and spends a few days in the hive as she matures ready for mating.  She can't be there too long, she'll be past her best

The Queen bee

The Queen really doesn't look how you'd imagine - or at least not as I imagined!  It's true shes bigger than the others (all of whom are her children), but it's her body that's longer

A bee colony

At its largest a colony of honey bees can be around 70,000, dropping to just 10,000 in winter.  In the summer a bee will only live for a few weeks

Bees as polinators

Bees are the most efficient of insect pollinators, and particularly Honey Bees as they don't wonder from flower to flower in the way a Bumble bee does - instead they target a single plant