March at Hive & Keeper: Honey Mummies came back!

Dear Diary,

March was a Red Letter month: schools finally went back and so my 'Honey Mummies'  became free to help again, and shops were close to opening and getting stocked up again with honey and beeswax wraps. It was very good to be packing up boxes and shipping them out again, especially as during lockdown our packaging had a little makeover so they'll be looking fab on shop shelves. I'm so pleased with the bright box wrappers and wax wraps, all done by my daughter who I made the most of while she was job hunting after graduation. I'm rather proud!

I'm excited to be back up to full force again, and for the bee season as HQ bees are strong and out and about, though still not quite warm enough here to open them properly. As soon as it is, shirt sleeves weather is a good indicator, I'll have a look inside and take you with me as I'm going to have a go at filming it all on my phone for Hive & Keeper's Instagram   

Onwards and upwards,