Dear Diary,

Time is flying fast towards Christmas and it feels as if it’s going to be OK despite Covid, with people sending friends and family love and hope for a better 2021. Writing out the gift tags on behalf of those who are going to be apart this Christmas is a joy and gives me a peak into the best of being human. In contrast the responsibility for getting the presents to their loved ones by Christmas is immense! Royal Mail are busy as anything (bees?!) and delivering up to 9pm at night between now and Christmas Eve to make sure presents are delivered. Luckily the ‘Honey Mummies’ (named by one of my friends and it’s stuck!) are by my side and working hard in despatch so there’s still time for you to shop for a little sweet love to your nearest and dearest!


For my ’bursting with pride’ moment…. Look at the new food wraps we have now in stock designed by my daughter, a Fine Arts graduate. She did three designs, inspired by a bee’s eye view of our landscapes, and even better they’ve been made for us in Scotland using wax from the bees up on the heather moors there. You can smell the heather as you open the pack up taking you to the wilds of the UK and our wonderful bees! (PS I’ve road tested them of course and the heather smell stays with the wax and didn’t change the smell of the mince pies and cheeses I wrapped).