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Hive & Keeper brings you British honeys straight from the hive, full of health benefits and natural flavours that reflect their provenance and the bees that made them.

The drones are on their way!

This is inside Big Legs' hive, with the first of the drone brood already capped.  It's the bumpier stuff, the flatter brood is all worker.  The Queen lays some eggs to become drones, she does it when the hive is building up and looking towards reproduction - the colony reproduces by swarming, and needs the drones to mate with the virgin queens that will lead the new colonies.  It's a tough job being  drone, no jobs to do in the hive other than be a sort of calming influence and then off to mate with virgins from around the area - stylish!  They do explode when they're on the job with the Queen though so there's some sort of rough justice!

Here come the boys!

Big Legs' entrance is busy!