Little Legs' hive isn't viable

Little Legs is now so small that the colony isn't large enough to be sustainable - not enough workers to keep the brood warm and fed, so Little Legs won;t lay eggs, so not enough brood, and no new workers being born. And so on... Luckily it was the London Beekeepers' introduction course this weekend so I was there, allegedly organising, but actually consulting beekeeping gurus about Little Legs and her plight.  This is what I was told: I either let her colony die out naturally or, if I love her (I do) I give her a speedy injection of warm bee bodies and see if this is enough to restore the balance in the hive to get her laying eggs again.  The way to do it was to trick Big Legs' foraging worker bees by swapping the hives over.  It means that Big Leg's foragers would be returning to where 'home' was and go straight into Little Legs to keep her warm.  Big Legs' colony will reduce  bit but they feel booming enough to spare some for Little Legs.  

Emily AbbottComment