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Is that a queen piping?

2 weeks ago I gave Little Legs' old hive a frame of eggs so they could make a new Queen.  I was expecting to see the frame covered in peanut like queen cells, all with new queens pupating inside.  I was too late - that learn me for going away for a weekend instead of beekeeping!  I was taking this video to show fellow beekeepers for a positive ID on what could be the remnants of a Queen cell torn down after she emerged.  Then I heard this noise - listen for it, it's like a frog croaking or an engine throbbing.  Me and others think it's a virgin queen piping, a noise they usually make when there;s more than one Queen in there and they're locating each other for a battle.  They  'pipe' from within their Queen cells in response to a newly emerged Queen's piping, who will then be able to find them and sting the unhatched queen in her cell and kill her.  Beekeeper advice is to stay calm and leave alone for 2 weeks....  Kill or cure for Old Little Legs' hive...

There is a Queen!

I'm over Little Legs