I'm over Little Legs

I've discovered a cold streak in my otherwise loving nature and I'm rather shocked: only 2 weeks ago I was on  mission to save Little Legs from certain destruction as her colony shrunk around her.  I was emotionally invested in her survival and wasn't going to let nature run it's course.  That was until this weekend when I finally realised she was rubbish, and had gone, perhaps the workers had ditched her.  Perhaps she was a bit Edward-like and wanted another life so abdicated.  Anyway. she's defo not there as no eggs or larvae to be seen and so no queen action for at least 9 days.   And that's what has made my heart harden to her, she didn't just need a helping hand, she was no good.  So I have put a frame of eggs in from Big Legs' hive so that I have more of her bloodline coming through as I still love her!  There should be queen cells in there next week, exciting times!

Emily AbbottComment