Good things down at the allotment

One of the joys of Hive & Keeper is visiting other beekeepers at their apiaries and seeing where the bees live and forage.  Today was one of those lovely days - a trip out to an allotment in Chislehurst, a leafy SE London suburb on the way to Kent. Every plot was bursting with fruit and life, and all so green and fresh after the rain we've had.  Bountiful is the word that springs to mind! And these photos show you why.  Apparently the allotment owners put much of it down to the bees pollinating so well this year that crops are up for everyone I even saw bees on the squash flowers this morning so I reckon the bees can claim these beauties too!  The gardener has had to construct a bamboo frame to support the growing squash....

I always pick up a nugget on these trips, today I learnt that potato plants produce fruit once pollinated which is poisonous; in fact the whole plant, with the exception of the potato itself, is poisonous. Surely not just me who only ever thought about the potato plant as doing most of its stuff underground??!  

Emily AbbottComment