Decision made: Big Legs goes

I've been agonising over which Queen should lead the colony through winter and bring them out strong and ready to go next spring: Big Legs or BLT.  Today my mind was made up.  Big Legs is the older by a season, but she's had the benefit of a total spring clean with lovely new frames and a clear out foo varroa and any disease.  She and her colony should have gone mad - but they held back...  Big Legs' egg laying has gone a bit off if you ask me, not so much capped and not filling frames.  I don't think she was mated very well last summer, I can't see her laying enough eggs to get them bursting onto the scene next April in too good a shape.  Big Legs is now in the freezer.  It felt the nicest way to kill her.  BLT is laying well, and has done well int he face of adversity this season - they're not very nice bees though, so if they emerge nasty in spring her days too could be numbered and I'll get a good well tempered Queen in there.  Lord knows what she'd be called - Good Legs?

Emily AbbottComment