BLT's days are numbered...

... and I can't wait! It's true, I've become obsessed with killing BLT and snuffing out her line of unpleasant bees.  Whatever the weather they're just a buzzy, swelling bunch of 'fly at you' bees. if they were dogs I'd describe them as having a small dog mentality; all pumped up, barking 'get out of my way' to anything that came near them and with no intention of leaving anyone in peace.  So she's going to be dispatched to the freezer for a quiet death in a few week's time when I've got a new queen ready to take over her colony.

As for my second hive (the one BLT and her foraging bees think they swarmed from a couple of weeks ago), well I last checked that with Vogue Italia (have I mentioned that before??!!) and as that had BLT's younger offspring, the nurse bees, in it they were nicer. However that's because the young nurse bees don't fly but look after the hive and are generally nicer than the older foraging bees. I'm waiting another week before I peek inside this hive to see if their new virgin queen has been mated and is laying eggs.  Cross your fingers she's better than her mother (or mated with a nicer more decent sort of a chap than BLT did)!

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