Big Legs' hive is cleaned

Big Legs is doing well and with the sun out this Bank Holiday all were out foraging. The chestnut trees are coming into full bloom around me so I hope that the temperatures rise a little more so the flowers produce nectar as it's one of the best sources around for my bees. at the moment.

I gave her a spring clean, changing the box, floor and giving her new frames. I hadn't done it for 2 years and so it's time to get rid of the old ones to control disease and varroa, as the varroa mite will be in the capped cells with the poor bee larvae, so throwing it all away gets rid of 90% of them in one go to.  It's a pretty harsh thing to do, it'll take time for the colony to settle down, but they are said to come back bigger and stronger after it.  I'm feeding them to make sure they have the energy they need to produce wax to build the new foundation. Apparently wax production takes loads more effort than making honey does.