All's good in the hive and up on the moor!

It's been a while since I checked the bees: their bad temper, settling in a new Queen, a honey buying road trip and poor weather have rather scuppered inspections! But today I peaked under the roof and all is well, the new Queen (Not Hilda - she's already been replaced by a daughter!) is leading a much happier and decent sized colony.. Thank goodness, I'm so relieved!  

As for the honey buying.trip; in the last few weeks I've been to Essex, Sussex, Yorkshire, Kent, Surrey and Lincolnshire as well as visiting other London beekeepers who've harvested more than me - NO! I'm not jealous!!! much....

The highlight of this year's honey buying road trip was driving to the Yorkshire moors to see the bees on the heather.  I've not seen heather in bloom for years, and it's true what they say - the colours are beautiful, soft, and so many different hues of purple. It was the bees that broke the peace, it's like a motorway up there, poor walkers!  We sat in the car for ages and just watched and listened as they flew by like bullets at low level and from every direction, the buzz was constant.  The air was full of their industry - I now understand why taking their bees to the heather is the season's highlight for so many beekeepers..  Here's Jeremy sat amongst them!

Jeremy Smith and his bees on the heather in Yorkshire

Jeremy Smith and his bees on the heather in Yorkshire



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