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Hive & Keeper brings you British honeys straight from the hive, full of health benefits and natural flavours that reflect their provenance and the bees that made them.

Naming my Queens

My Queens need names.  last year they were Strawlegs and Haylegs.  For obvious reasons; the colour of their legs.  It wasn't obvious what to call the queen I videoed for you; she is definitely a good one and doing well and with a large brood area already. Still no inspiration until I checked the 2nd hive .  It's a story of 2 halves....  This one has just a patch of brood, the Queen has laid eggs int he last 3 days as I could see those, but lots of dead bees on the floor, and only a small colony left bringing in pollen.  I could't even find the Queen, despite there being hardly anyone there!  And then the names came to me: Big Legs and Little Legs.  Little Legs had a couple of frames of honey that had crystalised in the comb so they couldn't get it , must be ivy.  I reduced their hive a bit so less work to do keeping it warm, cleaned their floor for them to stop disease, and gave them fondant.  I'll show you inside Little Legs hive next inspection - fingers crossed they come through

Little Legs' hive is on the left, Big Legs is on the right

Here's the Queen!

The first inspection