Spicy honey from Yattendon, Berkshire

Spicy honey from Yattendon, Berkshire

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Matt used to work in the wine industry which probably explains his approach to choosing sites for his apiaries: he draws a circle on the map to capture the 3-mile radius a colony will usually forage within and looks for diversity to help make the honey more interesting.

This honey comes from hives on the Yattendon Estate, over 7,000 acres of mixed arable and woodland in West Berkshire. This was taken from the hives last September, the first time he's have taken honey from hives so late in the beekeeping season. The bees will have been foraging on a variety of plants including arable farmland, wild flowers that grow between the rows of young Christmas trees, and woodland too which makes up about 25% of the estate, the woods are rich in flowering trees such as Hazel, English Lime, Horse and Sweet Chestnut This is a sweet honey with spicy notes and some fruit in there too.

Our jars of raw honey make perfect treats for the family, or a lovely ‘thank you’ present for someone; and especially if they’re health conscious or hayfever sufferers as a spoonful of honey a day has been shown to make significant improvements to our levels of good gut bacteria!

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