Caramel honey from Linton, Kent

Caramel honey from Linton, Kent

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This honey has a toffee flavour notes but it’s not overly sweet - it has a bitterness to it. It comes from husband and wife team David and Celia Rudland who started beekeeping 13 years ago.  David's interest in beekeeping came as a result of his job as a tree surgeon - and now 13 years on it's their business. Celia left her job as a math's teacher and together they manage several apiaries across Surrey and Kent.

This honey comes from an apiary at Linton in Kent and bees they keep on a huge fruit farm there, with an awful lot of plum trees,

Our jars of raw honey make perfect treats for the family, or a lovely ‘thank you’ present for someone; and especially if they’re health conscious or hay-fever sufferers as a spoonful of honey a day has been shown to make significant improvements to our levels of good gut bacteria!.

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