Fresh honey from Petworth, Sussex

Fresh honey from Petworth, Sussex

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This honey comes from bees that Kaz Powell looks after at an apiary on a farm, on the outskirts of Petworth and within foraging distance of Ebernoe wildlife reserve..  The bees are on set-aside land that’s been planted with wild flowers just for the bees! Last year the honey from these bees won a Great Taste Award, this year it has a more citrus, zingy note to it - still a winner in my book!

Each of our honeys are pure, raw, untreated and unheated and have just been taken from the hive, spun from the frame, run through a sieve and jarred.

Each one will crystalise over time as the glucose knits together; this process will happen at varying rates depending on the honey. This is a natural process and a reflection of the honey's purity. If you prefer runny honey then gently warm it, not higher than 35 degrees (the temperature in the hive) and it will go back to its runny state keeping the enzymes etc intact.

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