About us

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Provenance, quality, design, storytelling, and small scale British producers; be they beekeepers, manufacturers, wood carvers, or designers, are at the heart of Hive & Keeper which is why we’re proud to sponsor the Best British Food Brand category in the Great British Food Awards 2019

Our Limited Edition British honeys

Hive & Keeper searches for honeys from British beekeepers and their bees kept in gardens, allotments, woodlands, meadows and field margins across the country.  There has been no blending, fine filtering, heating or human interference in any of our honeys, which means they’re nature’s flavours reflecting the place and bees they comes from. 

We want you to enjoy discovering the incredible variations in British honey when they have their natural characters preserved. We also support small scale British beekeepers who face stiff competition from cheap imports and are giving up beekeeping as a result. We work with as many as we can, but only the good ones:  we visit every one of them, talk bees and know they’re good custodians of the country’s bee population and environment. 

Knowing exactly where food is from and how it got into the food chain is important, so we label every jar with the name of the beekeeper, where the hive is and the honey's main flavour note (fruity, floral etc.).  We tell the story of the beekeeper too, including information about each of them in our honey gift sets and honey club subscription deliveries. 

Enjoy discovering unique British honeys and learning the story behind each one, and all the while supporting British beekeepers and bees.

Emily Abbott, Founder

I took up beekeeping in my London back garden as a hobby a few years ago and I absolutely loved it. It was through beekeeping that I discovered how different the honey from my hives was compared to anything I’d had before. The variety and complexity of flavours, colours and textures was a huge revelation and the spark that ultimately led to Hive & Keeper,

Several years on from that first eureka moment I’m now focused on bringing you the same sense of discovery as I had when I tried my bees’ honeys for the first time! Plus of course supporting our small scale British beekeepers to survive and thrive.

My proudest moments

Definitely making the BBC Food & Farming Awards Producer of the Year 2019 top 30 shortlist, from a field of over 600, Next year a finalist I hope!

All four of the honeys I entered for Great Taste Awards 2018 won and only a third of entries do; it just goes to show that nature needs no help from me to blow the judges socks' off!

My favourite bits

I absolutely love my road trips, taking me to places I’ve never visited and roads not often travelled to meet beekeepers and their bees. I’ve been welcomed into so many homes. All of my beekeepers have been generous with their time telling me their beekeeping stories and taking me out to see their bees and the areas they’ll be collecting the pollen and nectar from.

Watching people’s faces as they try honeys from different beekeepers and bees side by side is tremendous fun and gives me a real kick. No one can quite believe how different they can be, and how much better they taste than the usual honey you can buy that always tastes the same. I love seeing people have the same sense of amazement and discovery I did all those years ago when the inspiration for Hive & Keeper first came to me - it makes it all worthwhile.

Emily Abbott, Founder