Ultimate honey gift set

Ultimate honey gift set


At the end of each season I tour the country visiting other beekeepers hearing about the honey their bees have produced. I love this trip, I meet great characters and discover bees in places you’ d walk past without ever noticing them. I hear about the weather and forage that explains why each of their honeys tastes or looks as it does. I drive home with the car full of honey ready to be jarred with the beekeeper’s name, hive location and the taste of the honey written on each jar. The Ultimate honey gift set brings my Tour of the UK to you – enjoy!

In this collection are 9 different honeys from around the country, each is unique and shows you the enormous variety of honey that our bees and beekeepers produce!

Each of the honeys are raw, untreated and unheated and have just been taken from the hive, spun from the frame and run through a sieve. Each one will naturally crystalise so If you prefer runny honey then gently warm it, not higher than 30 degrees (the temperature in the hive) and it will go back to its runny state keeping the enzymes etc intact.

Honey isn’t suitable for children under 12 months

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