6 month Honey Club

6 month Honey Club


Join our 6 month Honey Club with 6 totally unique jars of British raw honey sent to you over the course of 6 months.

We send you 2 honeys at a time, and every 2 months, so you can enjoy comparing and contrasting our raw British honeys, as no two are ever the same. You can enjoy each honey and bee amazed at how incredible our bees are!

Our Honey Club takes you on a tour of the UK through its bees, beekeepers and honey.  The story of each honey, the keeper and their bees comes with every delivery.

Our Honey Club subscription is the perfect gift for families and honey lovers, in fact all those who enjoy discovering the variety of British honey through our beekeepers, landscapes and bees.

We deliver 2 x  244 g jars to you every 2 months, so 3 very special deliveries, and 6 jars to keep you in honey for the next 6 months.

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