The Honey lover's booster pack

The Honey lover's booster pack


Three delicious pure honeys from 3 different British beekeepers, inspired by a daughter who wanted to give her dad more of the honeys he loves. As a result, our Honey-Lover’s Booster Pack is in honour of Nicky’s Dad, and has been curated with him, and all other honey lovers, in mind!

In the collection are honeys with fresh, fruity and caramel flavour notes: all are nature’s flavours with no help or interference from us, which means no blending or over-heating. Each one is specific to an apiary and harvest and just as the bees made it.

A perfect gift for anyone in need of a sweet Honey Boost and the treat of enjoying three unique, limited edition honeys from British beekeepers and their bees.

The Booster Pack of honeys come with a letter from us giving the story of each beekeeper, the honey their bees have produced, and tasting notes describing each ones natural flavours.

The Booster Pack contains: 3 jars x 224 g of gorgeous pure honey with nature's flavours intact, a true refection of the place and bees that created it and is delivered in a gift box measuring 21 cms x 19 cms x 8 cm

Honey isn’t suitable for children under 12 months.

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  • The fresh honey is from a beekeeper called John Rayner, who’s been keeping bees for over 30 years with hives all over Suffolk and Essex now he’s retired. These bees are kept in his garden and have produced a honey with a cinnamon, clove aromatic. It’s very distinctive with a hint of dried stuff, like earl grey tea!
  • The fruity honey is from husband and wife team John and Gayle Schumacher who have been keeping bees on their 25 acres of wild flower meadows in Sussex for 4 years now. This is a fruity, floral honey with a complex multi-layered taste like a wine. I’ve entered it for the Great Taste Awards 2018.
  • The caramel honey is from a beekeeper called Martin Taylor and the bees he keeps in his garden at Goxhill, North Lincolnshire. This honey was taken earlier in the summer catching the oil seed rape harvest. It' s a creamy honey with a marshmallow taste that's hard to stop eating and always comes out on top when I do tastings!
  • These honeys are crystallising naturally which is a sign of their purity as the glucose in honey starts to knit together (crystallise) around the pollen grains in pure honey. In a honey jar this size there’ll be between 500,000 and 1,900,000 pollen grains! However, gently warming it to no more than 35-40 degrees (the temperature in the hive) returns it to its runny state.