Honeys for the foodie

Honeys for the foodie


These honeys are perfect for a foodie!  I've selected 3 fabulous and very different honeys: one that's delicious with cheese, another that's perfect for a special breakfast and a heather honey from North Yorkshire moors - the Rolls Royce of honey and a special treat. 

Each of the honeys are raw, untreated and unheated and have just been taken from the hive, spun from the frame and run through a sieve. Every honey’s flavour is created by nature alone, and speaks of the place they came from and the bees that made it.

Each one is naturally crystalising so If you prefer runny honey then gently warm it when its crystalised to no higher than 30 degrees (the temperature in the hive) and it will go back to its runny state keeping the enzymes etc intact.

Honey isn’t suitable for children under 12 months.

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