Yorkshire & Lincolnshire honeys gift set

Yorkshire & Lincolnshire honeys gift set


In this collection I’ve put together a fruity, caramel and fresh honey from 3 different apiaries in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Each honey is as the bees made it, with the flavours created by nature and speaking of the place they came from. 

The fruity honey is from Paul and the bees he took to the borage fields in Bonby, North Lincolnshire. Bees love borage and it makes a pale straw-coloured honey. This one’s very fruity: pure prune / grape to taste.  

The caramel honey is a heather honey from Jeremy Smith and the bees he took up to Fylingdales Moor, North Yorkshire last August. I’ve entered this honey for a Great Taste Award, it’s caramel, buttery toffee, and the most confectionery tasting honey I’ve ever tried - but still with the honey essence on top. Delicious! 

The honey with fresh notes is also from Jeremy and bees he keeps in the grounds of a lovely house at Rudston, East Yorkshire. The house has its own woodland and fields with this honey taken off just after the oilseed rape harvest. This is a buttery, creamy, milky, intense honey with a long taste.

Each of the honeys are raw, untreated and unheated and have just been taken from the hive, spun from the frame and run through a sieve. Each one is naturally crystallising so If you prefer runny honey then gently warm it, not higher than 35 degrees (the temperature in the hive) and it will go back to its runny state keeping the enzymes etc intact. Alternatively, just spoon it on as it is - the tastes are still delicious (and a bit less messy!)

This makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or to take as thank you gift for your hosts - everyone loves it, even if they don’t have connections with Yorkshire or Lincolnshire! Especially if they’re health conscious or hayfever sufferers as a spoonful of honey a day has been shown to make significant improvements to our levels of good gut bacteria.

Honey isn’t suitable for children under 12 months

140 g x 3 jars presented in a gift box that includes a letter telling you more about each beekeeper and honey.

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