About Hive & keeper

Hive & Keeper celebrates the rich variety of British honey.  Each year I take to the road to discover honey that's pure, taken straight from the hive and left as the bees made it. The taste, colour and texture of honey varies so much, from dark brown to almost white, from spicy to nutty and fruity, and from runny smooth to deliciously set with a granular bite or marshmallow smoothness.  The combinations are endless, determined by the flowers the bees visited, the weather and the bees themselves. No two honeys are the same. Hive & Keeper celebrates this diversity, keeping each honey separate, no blending or heating in big commercial vats for us.  Instead each honey we sell is unique, impossible to replicate and sold in small limited-edition batches.  And of course, I only buy from beekeepers I've talked to, visited their apiaries and can see are good custodian of their bees' health and wellbeing. Enjoy the honey!